BURP - BackUp and Restore Program


Improved Open Source Backup:
Incorporating inline deduplication and sparse indexing solutions

G. P. E. Keeling

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Appendix H - Items to be completed before releasing the new software

This is a raw list from my notes of the the things that need to be done before an initial release of the newly developed software. I expect these items to take roughly two months to complete. As this is a raw list, much of it relates to obscure parts of the software, and is provided for interest only.

* Merge in burp1 code and make it possible to switch between burp1 and
  burp2 modes. This will help transition, and enables support to continue
  for situations where burp1 is suitable where burp2 may not be.

* Reduce the number of blocks that the client holds in memory at a
  time.  Make sure this doesn't affect speed. Start by halving the

* Get a lock before writing to a data file.

* Get a lock before regenerating a sparse index.

* Review how the sparse indexes are generated. Probably too many of them
  are made at the moment.

* Sorting the hooks at the end of a backup probably uses too much memory.

* Separate phase1/phase2 again.

* Fix counters (needs phase1/2)

* Make recovery from partially complete backups work (needs phase1/2).
  Hooks need to be generated from already transferred manifests. Need
  to forward through already written 'changed/unchanged' manifest.

* Make include/exclude/include work again (needs phase1/2 to make it
  easy).  By this, I mean including something inside a directory that is

* Don't store fingerprints and md5sums as strings.

* Make verify work.

* Make CMD_INTERRUPT work (on restore, maybe others too).

* Make it possible to delete unused data files.

* Make the status monitor work.

* Make the status monitor use sdirs.

* Add data compression.

* Add data encryption.

* Make acl/xattrs work as far as burp1 does.

* Make Windows EFS work.

* Make Windows 'image' backups work.

* Make asyncio use iobuf for everything instead of just being a wrapper
  around the old stuff.

* Make src/client/list.c use sbuf.

* champ_chooser: figure out a way of giving preference to newer

* Fix conf/cntr init problem.

* Check notifications work (warnings are turned off because of conf/cntr
  init problem.
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